Stan Lee's Lucky Man: Season 3

Stan Lee's Lucky Man: Season 3

Stan Lee's Lucky Man: Season 3

When a London cop is given a mysterious bracelet, he finds himself with the ability to control luck—a tool he uses to fight a wave of lawlessness throughout his city—in this action crime series co-created by Marvel legend Stan Lee.

2018Rating: TV-14UK
ActionCrimeScience Fiction

Facing Your Demons

Harry Clayton heads to Hong Kong where Eve has been framed for murder, there he clashes with a new nemesis - hit-man Samuel Blake who is on a lifelong mission to make the bracelets his.


Run Rabbit Run

Harry's forced underground as he tries to prove his innocence. But then Blake finds a way to make him look more guilty than ever.


The Zero Option

Samuel Blake ups his game, forcing Harry to make a near-impossible choice. Meanwhile, the bracelet's power starts to wane.


Missing Persons

Suri and Harry team up to bring Blake and Gray down. Meanwhile, Blake finds a way to turn Eve against Harry - once and for all.


The Sins of the Father

Harry spots a golden chance to bring down Blake. But he risks everything when he turns to gambling to fund his sting.


The Art of War

Rich moves in with Suri as Harry fights to win back his flat. But something terrible happens when Blake and Eve go after DSI Gray.


Blinded by the Light

Madame Cheung warns Harry that time is running out and that if he does not retrieve the bracelet and return it to her then he will be a dead man. Blake and Eve stage an... MORE audacious escape from prison.


End of Days

Blake puts his grand plan into action forcing Harry to summon all of his courage to take on his nemesis without the aid of the bracelets in the last-ever episode of the thriller.