The Wilds: Season 2

The Wilds: Season 2

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A group of teenage girls must fight for survival after a plane crash leaves them stranded in this ten-part drama filmed in New Zealand. While waiting for rescue, the girls both collide with and confide in each other. But matters grow even more suspenseful when they learn more about the "accident."

2022Rating: R13, Violence, sex scenes, offensive language, and sexual themesUSA



Day 30/1

The stranded girls grieve one of their own. Meanwhile, we... More learn they’re not the only ones ensnared in this social experiment—it turns out there’s a male control group, marooned on a different island.


Day 34/12

The girls struggle to adjust to their new camp, while... More food scarcity plagues the boys. Raf gains confidence thanks to a new friendship, but flashbacks reveal the dark side of his codependent nature. Post-rescue, Leah makes an unexpected ally.


Day 36/14

A brush with death rattles the girls. The boys must... More defend themselves against a blood-thirsty predator. In a series of flashbacks about Scotty and Bo, we learn how the world has tried to grind them down, and why it’s hard for them to trust the other castaways.


Day 42/15

The boys continue to battle against the dangerous predator, and... More this time they plan a coordinated attack. A birthday on the girls’ island puts everyone but Rachel in celebratory spirits.


Day 45/16

Rachel seeks necessary closure, while Fatin makes an unsettling discovery... More in Nora’s journal. Meanwhile, an incident comes to light that sends shockwaves through the boys’ camp, altering their life on the island forever.


Day 46/26

Now that they’ve expelled an alleged criminal from their ranks,... More the boys clash over how much mercy to show him.Ivan’s past choices back home have impacted his life and those around him. Over on the girls’ island, Leah’s mind starts playing tricks on her, while Martha’s past comes back to haunt her in a catastrophic way.


Day 50/33

The girls relocate to the hot springs, but the perilous... More journey shatters the group and Leah is driven further into madness. The boys manage to come to a truce, but it’s upended when troubling secrets about their most controversial member come to light.



Each girl on the island is engaged in some kind... More of struggle to find peace and the truth. Meanwhile, the boys must decide whether or not to attempt a dangerous trip.

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A directionless sophomore slump loses sight of what made the first season excel...

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Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

A new group of castaways and more emotionally complex storytelling further elevates Amazon's addictive YA survival series in Season 2.

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A.V. Club

A.V. Club

(Season 2) doubles the size of its cast but loses its focus...

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You know what? The magic’s still there.

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The Wilds: Season 2 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Prime Video.