Top 10 Movie Spews – Curated by Vom Master Joe Lonie

We blew chunks of excitement over the recent Show Me Shorts programme announcement, not least of all thanks to the inclusion of Shout at the Ground, by Kiwi director Joe Lonie (Honk if You’re Horny). From the title right through to the promotional (possibly helpful) branded motion sickness bag we received this week, emetophobes are advised to avoid. On the other hand, anyone that likes an upchuck and chuckle should line up to catch Shout at the Ground when Show Me Shorts gets underway next month. In the meantime, Lonie has helpfully compiled ten cinematic chunders that informed his appetising endeavour.

10. Bad Taste

“The gruel is ready!” Leave it to the one-time king of splatter Sir Peter Jackson to deliver a vomit scene so disgusting it even makes ME queasy!

Watching PJ himself fill the bowl is hard enough, but then the movie really lives up to its title as the freshly prepared “gruel” is passed around for everyone to drink, “Lucky me, I got a chunky bit!”

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9. Bridesmaids

The food poisoning scene from Bridesmaids is SPECTACULAR! What’s not to love? Farting, belching, vomit missing the toilet, one character vomiting onto another, pooping in the sink, pooping in the street, but with all that great stuff going on I’d have to say my favourite thing about the scene is Kristen Wiig’s BRILLIANT acting as she tries desperately hard to convince a disbelieving and taunting Rose Byrne that she is not also suffering, “Ooh, Jordon almonds, these are great.”

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8. Jackass: The Movie

It seems there’s vomit flying around in every other scene from Jackass, but the WASABI SNOOTERS stunt is a personal favourite of mine because Steve-O’s commitment to it is 100%! I particularly LOVE how he goes back for a “pick me up”. Sushi is my favourite food. Every time I see this scene I look at that beautiful plate thinking “damn, that looks good,” until Steve-O pukes on it, that is.

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7. Apollo 13

You’ve gotta love Bill Paxton’s ZERO GRAVITY chunks from Apollo 13! Funny, I don’t remember anything else about that movie. Did the astronauts survive in the end? Who cares? It had vomit!

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6. The Exorcist

Recently departed special effects genius Dick Smith’s amazing work on The Exorcist is still peerless and very realistic in the context of that movie. We studied this shot, but the low light situation in Regan’s bedroom would have been very helpful for Dick to hide the seams. Shout at the Ground is set in the broad daylight, so we had to find another way…

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5. Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

Always a family favourite at my childhood home (more on that later) Mr Creosote’s trip to the restaurant is a gross-out tour de force! After the trauma of the infamous “live liver donor” sketch (no, seriously, I really do think I was traumatized) this always came as some welcome light comic relief. The vomit effects aren’t as realistic as some of the others on this list, and from looking at it again I think that’s actually down to the slightly odd choice of having no vocalisations from Mr Creosote during the voms, but hey, he was probably too busy filling his face – “It is only wafer thin.”

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4. Carnage

It’s not often you get to see an Oscar-winning actress blow chunks, it’s even less often that a vomiting character in a movie will speak first and then vomit in the same shot. So how did Kate Winslet do it? Is she THAT GOOD of an actor? Well, I’m not saying, but I will say that said vom-shot was studied EXTENSIVELY for Shout at the Ground.

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3. The Fly

It’s neatly established earlier on in David Cronenberg’s masterpiece (and possibly the best horror remake ever?!) that Brundlefly eats like a fly – that is to say he must VOMIT onto his food in order to melt it for easy digesting. So… when he starts doing it to his enemy at the end, the result is FULLY GNARLY! By the time Geena Davis stops him, Brundlefly has already melted off Stathis Borans’ hand and his foot!

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2. Deathgasm

This modern splatter classic, starring our very own Shout at the Ground cast member Milo Cawthorne, features one of the sickest and greatest visual ‘gags’ I have ever seen in a movie – the BABY CARRIAGE BLOOD-VOMIT had me laughing to myself like a lunatic for days.

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1. The Adventures of Barry McKenzie

When I was a boy, maybe seven or eight, my stepdad Richard got me psyched for this movie by telling me it was the first EVER to show vomiting, and not only that but the vomit would be plastering someone’s head! I was not disappointed. My “affection for regurgitation” was born on that day. So, if you want to blame anyone for Shout At The Ground, you can blame Richard. Sadly, he passed away before getting to see it, but I know in my heart he would have loved it. Shout At The Ground is dedicated to him.

Rent or buy ‘The Adventures of Barry McKenzie’ here

You can catch heaps of chunky bits when Joe Lonie’s Shout at the Ground plays as part of the Show Me Shorts film festival in both the Secrets and Lies and Highlights themed sessions (click for dates and times). For any other details you need, go here.