Flicks Talks: ‘Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws’ Directors Johnny Hall & Andrew Todd

Flicks and Chillbox Creative talk to Johnny Hall and Andrew Todd, creators of the indie Kiwi horror-dy ‘sequel’ that takes place nine years after the events of Ghost Shark 1: Port Massacre – a film that doesn’t actually exist.

You can watch the film right now from the official website: http://www.ghostshark2.com/

Time codes:

0:00 – The leap from fake viral trailer to feature film

2:00 – Top-notch screenwriting advice

2:30 – Ghost shark disrupts the interview

2:45 – Did the story come from the writing or the editing?

3:30 – Ghost Shark 2 vs SyFy Channel’s Ghost Shark

6:00 – The lowest part of filming

8:00 – The rise (sort of)

9:00 – Posing an unusual hypothetical

10:30 – Filmaking school: theory vs experience

11:10 – Going back in time…

12:30 – The future of Ghost Shark 2