How to watch Adam Driver’s sci-fi thriller 65 in New Zealand

These days, the inhabitants of our planet love Adam Driver: for his angsty Star Wars sequel bad boy, his go-for-broke musical performance in Annette, and even as a depressed divorcee in Marriage Story.

But 65 million years ago, Earth wasn’t so kind to the poor guy. Sci-fi thriller 65 crash-lands into cinemas on March 9, and it shows spaceman Driver’s struggle to survive on our pre-historic planet.

Despite piloting a big honking spaceship and having heaps of cool futuristic tech, the odds are not in his character’s favour when his vessel crashes onto a planet with breathable air (nice!) and great stomping dinosaurs (not so nice).

His sole companion is a young survivor named Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), and in the trailer below he promises to her that “you and I are going to get home”. Where’s home, if not right there on the third rock from the sun? We’ll have to wait until the movie’s out for more info on the desperate pair’s mission.

Despite some awesomely-lit shots of dinosaurs emerging from the dark, the trailer for 65 looks a tad generic. Some of the personnel involved give us a bit more hope that it could be a totally thrilling, Jurassic-sized experience: A Quiet Place writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods make the leap to directing, horror master Sam Raimi produces, and his longtime buddy Danny Elfman is putting together the score.

If you’re keen to see how sci-fi tech and very, very old-school action are melded together in one thrilling cinematic package, set your clocks to check out 65 in cinemas. Hopefully Driver can protect his companion and drive’er back to the freedom of a futuristic space-voyaging new world.