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91 mins
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Rose Matafeo (The Breaker Upperers) and Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter) star in this unexpected pregnancy comedy from the director and... More

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"While Baby Done might not be the uproarious laugh fest it’s being sold as, the gentle, sensitive and melancholy movie that it is has rewards of its own. A fantastic showcase for Matafeo’s dramatic talent as well her famous comedy chops, Henderson and Vowel—until now best known for their 2013 film Fantail —remind us that they are also ones to watch. As one of the only countries in the world to be able to (safely) go to the cinema, this sweet and surprisingly moving take on first time parenthood provides a lovely reason to do just that."


"Disarmingly funny, emotionally truthful."


"(An) affable comedy..."

Financial TimesFinancial Times

"At times it's a little obvious... but it's warm-hearted, and at an hour and a half, doesn't outstay its welcome."

Daily MailDaily Mail

"Funny, witty and filled with memorable performances."

The TimesThe Times

"Hugely endearing and extremely funny..."

New Zealand HeraldNew Zealand Herald

"Delightful ... former Harry Potter star Lewis never outshines popular stand-up comedian Matafeo, who effortlessly carries the film's dramatic moments as well as its comic ones."


"From stand-up to stand-out, Rose is a star, augmenting her hallmark humour with a genuinely heartfelt performance. The overall trajectory of the story and the delivery of Baby, Done wasn't quite the home run I'd been hoping for, but much joy is still very easily found."


"Some of the uneasiest laughs of the year, but they're still here in abundance"


"Husband-and-wife team of director Curtis Vowell and screenwriter Sophie Henderson... manage to navigate a tricky balance of pathos, poignancy and mostly physical humour with aplomb."


"Rose Matafeo is wonderful in irresistible film about parenthood."

The GuardianThe Guardian

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M, Offensive language, sexual references & drug use
Comedy, Romance
Country of origin
New Zealand

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