Curry Munchers

Curry Munchers

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Kiwi comedy about Sid (Aunanda Naaido, also the movie's writer) who migrated from India to New Zealand, looking for meaning in his life. His parents want him to focus on studying and become an engineer. But Sid has two new loves: food and girls. The struggle to keep all sides happy leads Sid to question who and what, is most important in his new life: will he go against his parents' wishes to get the local girl, Mary (Alison Titulaer) and pursue his new passion for the culinary? More

Says Naaido: "New Zealand is becoming increasingly multicultural and we're embracing that. We wanted to show that we can laugh about ourselves in a positive way. At the same time, I also hope the film can help debunk a few myths about Indians and some people's perceptions of us. In the end, Curry Munchers is a film all Kiwis can call their own."

2011109 minsNew Zealand

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