Let the Right One In

Review: Let the Right One In

17 Dec 08

What 'Twilight' Was Trying To Do, This Does!

Hvaing played to great cheers at the last Film Festival, it is a pleasure to see this teenage love story/vampire film come back for a theatrical release. Eli, the young object of first friendship then a growing love for Oskar, is a shadowy but likable figure in this film and her middle -aged male ghoul is possible the clumsiest servant of a vampire since Peter McNicol's Renfield in DRACULA:DEAD & LOVING IT; His attempts to harvest human blood begin as horrifying and end as laughable, and we begin to see that he is failing in health and strentgh while his love for Eli is still strong.

Ultimately, this is the sadness of this bittersweet romance, that one day unless he is Embraced to share Eli's immortality he will share her previous partner's fate. But until then, this is a story of a delightfully strange love story, chaste and yet with astrong undercurrent of passion and feeling. And be advised; There are some violent scenes, done with such clever staging that you are never exposed to even the tamed bloodletting of certain cheerleader-based vampire hunting televison. In some ways, it's even more frightening; Though one scene of remorse will make anyone feel sympathy for Eli and her situation. Perhaps a little overblown, in the more sterotyped charcaters, but the central figures are well-enough drawn to forgive this lapse.

Some classic vampire cliches are thrown it at new angles, when Eli is forced to feed on live prey and infects several by interruption and the new vampires discover their plight; And there are some characters who will make you question if a vampire is the real monster in this movie . . .

Do not let the hype of any other teenage vampire movie or the subtitles in thsi film put you off; It is truly a wonderful film about love between misfits and outcasts that deserves more attention than it might get.