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Mama's Music Box

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Pacific Island Christmas comedy from the makers of Take Home Pay following two grandchildren (Unaloto Funaki & Sieni Leo’o Olo) on a search for their grandmother’s (Yvonne Maea-Brown) music box. But what starts off as a simple deed turns into an unexpected race full of obstacles and hidden family secrets. More

The film was made as part of a "self-inflicted" 30-day challenge to complete a feature from scratch within a month. Producer Abba Rose Vaiaoga-Ioasa admits: "It's tough but our crew have been amazing and have risen to the challenge."

2020Rating: G80 minsNew Zealand
Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa ('Take Home Pay', 'Hibiscus & Ruthless', 'Three Wise Cousins')
Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa
Unaloto FunakiSieni Leo’o OloYvonne Maea-Brown

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Flicks, Liam Maguren

With its wholehearted emphasis on a younger generation attempting to reconnect their scorned elders, the Vaiaoga-Ioasas have effortlessly installed a Polynesian family-centric ethos into the framework of an all-ages Christmas movie. Seeing Matai dressed as Tongan Santa and Sam as his worker elf is an added bonus.

It works so well, in fact, that you’d swear it had been done before. If there were more backing for Polynesian filmmakers to make broad crowd-pleasers, maybe it would have.

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Expecting something light-weight and knockabout, I came out completely charmed and even a little moved. Bravo.

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