Wound Zoe'S REVIEW

Not perfect...

But not terrible. Considering the budget and yes the script definitely had it's imperfections but I thought the majority of the acting was STUNNING, especially by the 2 leading ladies. I think this is what held the film together for me.

A shame the effects (maybe a bit "old school horror"?) really showed the limitations of Wounds budget but the following links prove it isn't as horrible as you guys think..


From Tuesday 27th July Dom Post...

"FF Picks.
Tuesday. 27th July.
Wound. Paramount. 6.30 and 8.45.
4 stars.
David Blyth's Wound should have been the film that got the little men of the religious right into a lather this year. I guess they just didn't make it to the last page of the Festival programme to read about it. Blyth has been working in and under the New Zealand film industry since the late 1970's, and seeing him re-emerge with something as fresh, grotesque, polarising and smart as Wound is a real treat. The film is a serious psycho-sexual horror, with enough twists and turns to keep the post-movie conversation going all night. There are a couple of scenes of horrific violence, and it often betrays its microscopic budget, but Wound is as an original, intelligent, and curiously poignant wee film. Blyth's 'Jodorowsky of the suburbs' reputation is safe. Star Kate O'Rourke – who delivers an incredible central performance - will probably be at both screenings. - Graeme Tuckett"

But the film isn't going to be for everyones liking and maybe if there wasn't so much pre movie hype we would of all gone in without the high expectations and pre conceived ideas and enjoyed Wound for what it is.