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Poster for A Black Lady Sketch Show: Season 2

A Black Lady Sketch Show: Season 2

A narrative series set in a limitless magical reality full of dynamic, hilarious characters and celebrity guests presenting sketches performed by a core cast of black women.

Poster for A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas

The director of Oscar-nominated family film Monster House helms this re-imagined origin story of Father Christmas.

Poster for A Boy Called Piano - The Story of Fa'amoana John Luafutu

A Boy Called Piano - The Story of Fa'amoana John Luafutu

Making her feature debut, New Zealand theatre maker Nina Nawalowalo adapts the play of the same name to screen, telling the story of Fa’amoana John Luafutu's time as a state ward in the 1960’s and the intergenerational impacts of these experiences.

Poster for A Boy Called Sailboat

A Boy Called Sailboat

A young boy's life changes forever when he finds a discarded guitar in this uplifting family drama featuring J.K. Simmons.

Poster for A Brighter Summer Day

A Brighter Summer Day

Edward Yang’s critically acclaimed four-hour epic about turf wars, rock ’n’ roll and sexual awakening in Taiwan, 1960.

Poster for A Brony Tale

A Brony Tale

What the f is a Brony? It's an adult male who, for reasons seemingly unknown even to themselves, is obsessed with the My Little Pony cartoon - the TV show which began as a spin-off from the Hasbro toy range aimed at young girls. This is their story.

Poster for A Bug's Life

A Bug's Life

Pixar studio’s second ever animated feature, following an oddball ant who recruits a circus troupe to help fight off the greedy grasshoppers leeching from his colony.

Poster for A Bump Along the Way

A Bump Along the Way

A boozy single mum in her mid-forties gets pregnant from a one-night stand - much to the embarrassment of her teenage daughter - in this Irish dramedy.

Poster for A Bunch of Amateurs (2008)

A Bunch of Amateurs (2008)

A comedy about a vain, aging, Hollywood action hero (Burt Reynolds), who finds himself treading the boards with an amateur dramatic society in a sleepy English village.

Poster for A California Christmas: City Lights

A California Christmas: City Lights

A year after they fell in love, Callie and Joseph now run a dairy farm and winery. But their romance is threatened when business and family obligations call Joseph back to the city.

Poster for A Call to Spy

A Call to Spy

Written by and starring Sarah Megan Thomas (Equity), this British World War II thriller follows Churchill's spy agency SOE who recruit civilian women and train them to be spies.

Poster for A Cambodian Spring

A Cambodian Spring

Documentary shot over six years charting the land-rights protests that led to the Cambodian Spring of 2013 and the tragic events that followed.

Poster for A Case of You

A Case of You

Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood star in this indie romcom. A young writer woos a cute barista by studying her Facebook profile and making himself into the man of her dreams. When she falls for his alter ego, he must keep up the act or risk losing her.

Poster for A Castle for Christmas

A Castle for Christmas

To escape a scandal, a bestselling author journeys to Scotland, where she falls in love with a castle—and faces off with the grumpy duke who owns it—in this Christmas rom-com.

Poster for A Castle in Italy

A Castle in Italy

French-Italian actress Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi writes, directs and stars in this drama set in northern Italy and Paris. She plays Louise, a former actress struggling to hold her once-wealthy family together and keep them connected to their beautiful estate in Piedmonte...

Poster for A Cat in Paris

A Cat in Paris

French animated action-adventure, set to a "moody retro jazz score" about Dino the cat and his contrasting friendships with a stealthy cat burglar and his owner, Paris’ police commissioner.

Poster for A Chance Encounter

A Chance Encounter

French romance starring François Cluzet (The Intouchables) as Pierre, a happily married father of two. This idealistic lifestyle is stirred when he comes across Elsa (Sophie Marceau, Happiness Never Comes Alone)...

Poster for A Chiara

A Chiara

A birthday celebration leads into a missing person's mystery when the father of the birthday girl disappears the following day.

Poster for A Chinese Ghost Story

A Chinese Ghost Story

Chinese fantasy from the director of the Ip Man series. Adapted from Pu Songling's Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, a collection of supernatural stories set in ancient China.