Hit Man: New Zealand trailer and release date

Having won hearts and possibly even minds in the rom-com Anyone but You, man of the moment Glen Powell not only stars in this charming crime caper, he co-wrote the script with director Richard Linklater.

When is Hit Man being released in New Zealand?

Hit Man is streaming in New Zealand exclusively on Netflix from July 7.

What is Hit Man about?

Incredibly (but loosely) based on a true story first recounted in Texas Monthly back in 2001, Hit Man sees Powell as Gary Johnson, philosophy professor by day and ruthless assassin by night. Well, not really; he moonlights for the cops, posing as a button man to snare those who want to outsource their murders. Things go awry when he falls for possible pistolero precurer Maddy Masters, letting her off the hook—only for her dirt bag husband to turn up dead anyway. Whoops. Did he drop the ball? Is she innocent? Or is something altogether weirder going on?

The cast of Hit Man

Glen Powell, who is certainly milking his scene-stealing turn in Top Gun: Maverick for all it’s worth, is Gary; Good Omens star Adria Arjona is Maddy; Evan Holtzman is her husband, Ray; and Austin Amelio, Sanjay Rao, and Parks and Recreation‘s Retta round out the ensemble.

Interesting bit of trivia: Powell and Amelio both appeared in Linklater’s 2016 college comedy, Everybody Wants Some!!.

Hit Man trailer

Why we’re excited about Hit Man

It’s pretty clear that Glen Powell is having A Moment, and early reviews from the festival circuit indicate that this latest offering might be the role that cements him firmly in the A List. All other considerations aside, he seems to be having a lot of fun playing Gary’s plethora of hitman personas. Plus, that Richard Linklater certainly knows his way around a camera, so we’ll always take a look at whatever he’s up to.