Hannibal: Season 3

Hannibal: Season 3

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Showrunner Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) puts a new spin on author Thomas Harris' creation by casting Cannes-winning actor Mads Mikkelsen in the role of Dr Hannibal Lecter. Following the bloody climax of season two, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) tracks Hannibal down in his new home: Italy.

2015Rating: 16USA
Bryan Fuller ('Pushing Daisies', 'Star Trek: Discovery')
Hugh DancyMads MikkelsenLaurence FishburneGillian Anderson




After the devastating bloodbath at Lecters home Hannibal establishes a... More new life for himself in Italy along with the company of his own psychiatrist Bedelia.



With his wounds now healed, Will Graham heads to Europe... More eight months after the horrific event that almost took his life, in search of closure with Hannibal Lecter. Meanwhile an Italian inspector thinks that Lecter and a killer he pursued 20 years earlier are the same person.



Will Graham continues his search for Hannibal Lecter, making his... More way to Hannibal's childhood home in Lithuania. Meanwhile, Jack Crawford arrives in Italy, hoping to find Will and intervene before tragedy strikes again, and Bedelia warns Hannibal against unraveling his new life.



After surviving a disfiguring gunshot, Dr. Fredrick Chilton is... More now focused on rallying support to capture Hannibal, using Will as bait. Jack is distracted by Bella's failing health, but he implores Will to abandon the risky idea of finding Hannibal. Meanwhile, Alana Bloom entertains a different approach, potentially partnering with Mason Verger to utilize his vast resources.



The hunt for Hannibal begins. Will travels via train with... More Chiyoh to Florence, as Alanna and Mason use Hannibal's fine tastes to track his whereabouts. Pazzi tries to get in close to find out if Hannibal is the man he's looking for, but his greed may get the better of him.



With Bedelia securing her alibi, Hannibal prepares to leave Florence... More just as Jack and Will begin to track him down. With Pazzi murdered, Mason and his cohorts consider a different course of action. However, Chiyoh has arrived in Florence with her own agenda.



Captured in Italy by police on Mason Verger's payroll, Will... More Graham and Hannibal Lecter are delivered to Muskrat Farm to await Mason's revenge. Alana, distressed that Will has been endangered along with Hannibal, plots a rescue. And Hannibal, once again in contact with his old patient Margot, finds it irresistible to remind her that Mason will never make good on his promises. Meanwhile, Jack informs Chiyo of Hannibal's location.


The Great Red Dragon

Dr. Hannibal Lecter has been under lock and key for... More three years at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, when a new villain arises in Francis Dolarhyde, also known as "The Tooth Fairy." As the investigation unfolds Jack Crawford approaches Will Graham to help catch this vicious serial killer who is targeting families.


And the Woman Clothed with the Sun…

The FBI's search for elusive serial killer Francis Dolarhyde intensifies... More as Will Graham begins envisioning himself in Dolarhyde's tormented psyche. Wading deeper into dangerous territory, Will enlists the help of Hannibal Lecter to assist with the killer's profile. Meanwhile, Alana Bloom reminds Will that the last time that he and Hannibal worked together things didn't end well, but Will sees no other option. Elsewhere, a new woman comes into Dolarhyde's life.


And the Woman Clothed in Sun

Carvings symbolizing the Great Red Dragon, retrieved from crime scenes,... More help Will Graham and the FBI shed light on Francis Dolarhyde's disturbing psychology. Meanwhile, Dolarhyde finds ways to communicate directly with Hannibal Lecter regarding his "becoming." Will feels his bond with Hannibal growing uncomfortably stronger, and seeks out Bedelia Du Maurier, the only other person who fully understands the complexities of such a relationship.


And the Beast from the Sea

Convinced that the Red Dragon will strike at the next... More full moon, Jack and Will grow desperate, and Alana turns to Hannibal for help.


The Number of the Beast is 666

Will Graham and the FBI enlist the expertise of Dr.... More Fredrick Chilton in the hopes of luring Francis Dolarhyde into an ambush, using Freddie Lounds as their mouthpiece. As Will's empathy for Dolarhyde begins to affect his fragile psyche, Bedelia Du Maurier warns that the killer Will should be most concerned about at the moment is himself. Meanwhile, Dolarhyde senses that the FBI is closing in and launches a horrifying endgame.


The Wrath of the Lamb

In a desperate bid to slay Francis Dolarhyde, Will Graham... More engineers a cunning ploy utilizing Hannibal Lecter. Upon learning of his plan, Bedelia Du Maurier voices concerns that Will's actions may not only put his life in peril, but the lives of those around him. As the end draws near, Will remains unflinching in his game with Hannibal-even when it means coming face-to-face with his own darkest fears?

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After just three episodes, Season 3 has its own distinct momentum.

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A.V. Club

A.V. Club

Unlike most shows that reach for the “reset” button, Hannibal wasn’t in a position where it needed a new beginning. It’s just the logical, natural place to go, and the fresh slate makes startling hay from the unknowns.

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On every level, Bryan Fuller and the team behind Hannibal are elevating what we should expect from network television.

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Slant Magazine

Slant Magazine

Season three of Hannibal wanders off into dark, unexpected territory in Italy, remaining even more incisively and ambitiously written than the last season, and sporting the most radically expressive imagery currently on television.

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Where other TV shows avoid the weight of all that death, Hannibal turns the horror into opera--bold and beautiful and over-the-top and opulent.

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Hannibal: Season 3 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Netflix and TVNZ+.