M*A*S*H: Season 6

M*A*S*H: Season 6

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Emmy-winning black comedy series based on the 1970 film of the same name, set during the Korean War which lasted three years (despite the show running for almost 12 years).

1977Rating: TV-PGUSA20th Century Fox Television

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Fade Out, Fade In

Frank Burns cracks up over Margaret's marriage while on R&R... More in Tokyo, and Major Charles Emerson Winchester III is sent to the 4077th as a replacement by a vindictive superior officer.


Fallen Idol

Radar has always looked up to Hawkeye and admired him... More as his hero. But after suffering a Jeep accident en route to R&R at Hawkeye's behest. Radar questions his own hero worship. Particularly when he and his hero have a falling out.


Last Laugh

Madness strikes as B.J. and his old friend Bardonaro play... More a series of practical jokes on each other, just as Bardonaro is about to leave Korea. Hawkeye gets the last laugh. He sends Bardonaro off without his traveling papers, and in a jeep with too little gas.


War of Nerves

The 4077th, caught up in tension and nerves, creates a... More bonfire to release their pressure. Meanwhile, Sidney Freedman is depressed over a young soldier who blames him for his injuries, because Freedman had sent him back into combat.


The Winchester Tapes

Hawkeye tries unsuccessfully to get to Seoul, to see Nurse... More Gilmore for the weekend. Meanwhile, Winchester has taped a letter home, asking for his influential parents to help get him back to the States. To get even, Hawkeye and B.J. switch Winchester's clothes, causing Winchester to alter his eating patterns.


The Light That Failed

With supplies low, the 4077th gets a truckload of ice... More cream churns and salt tablets. But what it needs are light bulbs, and in the dimly lit post-op Charles makes an error for which he draws the ultimate wrath of his two surgeon bunkmates. Meanwhile, B.J. receives a mystery novel that everyone in camp reads in turn. The last page is missing and the solution to the mystery is undiscovered until B.J. calls the author by long distance.


In Love and War

Hawkeye falls in love with Kyong Soon, a Korean woman... More who is caring for her sick mother and orphaned children. But all hope is lost as Kyong takes her possessions and the children to the south after her mother has died.


Change Day

Charles plans a scheme to get rich when he discovers... More that blue scrip is going to be exchanged for red. Hawkeye and B.J. outsmart him, and he is left holding the worthless scrip. Klinger tries to get into West Point so that he can get out of Korea.



Radar notices a number of tattoos on one of the... More wounded, and convinces himself that with a tattoo he will be irresistible to women. Everyone tries to discourage him, and he admits to having received a tattoo that will wash off. Meanwhile, Margaret is frustrated with a new nurse who keeps getting upset at the sight of combat injuries.


The M*A*S*H Olympics

Colonel Potter, deciding that the camp is out of shape,... More enforces a calisthenics course. When nobody is enjoying it, he makes it fun by splitting the camp into two teams. These teams compete for three day R&R passes. Klinger tries to get out of the army by getting fat.


The Grim Reaper

Colonel Bloodworth threatens to press court-martial charges against Hawkeye, who... More shoved him in the bar. But then he becomes a patient and witnesses Hawkeye's skills. Klinger bonds with a patient from his hometown.


Comrades in Arms: Part 1

Lost behind enemy lines, Hawkeye and Margaret form a personal... More truce and seek shelter in a roadside hut.


Comrades in Arms: Part 2

B.J. disobeys orders and goes out to find Hawkeye and... More Margret, who are still missing in action. Meanwhile, their romantic relationship quickly goes up in flames, and they become even more hostile toward each other.


The Merchant of Korea

After Charles hands B.J. two hundred dollars, he begins to... More take advantage. Everyone gets together and persuades Charles to play poker. He has incredible beginner's luck until Radar discovers that Charles whistles loudly when he bluffs. They all win back their money and then some.


The Smell of Music

Hawkeye and B.J. refuse to shower until Charles stops playing... More his French horn, and Colonel Potter deals with a patient who wants to kill himself because he is now disfigured.


Patent 4077

In need of a special surgical clamp, Hawkeye and B.J.... More hire Mr. Shin, a local jewelry dealer, to make it. Days later the clamp is used to save the leg of a wounded soldier. Mr. Shin goes into the surgical supply business.


Tea and Empathy

With British and American casualties heavy, the 4077th's supply of... More penicillin has been stolen. Father Mulcahy discovers, from Corporal Bryant, the location of some penicillin, and he and Klinger go out in search of it. They are shot at, but safely return with the drug and save the day.


Your Hit Parade

With the arrival of a shipment of records, Radar plays... More the part of a disc jockey and helps to get everyone through the incredibly long deluge of wounded.


What's Up, Doc?

Hot Lips, believing herself to be pregnant, asks Hawkeye to... More test her. The only rabbit available to use for the test is Radar's pet, Fluffy. Meanwhile, Martinson, a patient, holds Charles at gunpoint, demanding he be sent back to Ohio.


Mail Call Three

After a delay of three weeks, five sacks of mail... More arrive, and everyone in camp reacts to good and bad news from home. Hawkeye receives love letters addressed to another Benjamin Pierce, another man has approached B.J.'s wife, and Radar's mom has found a boyfriend. Klinger: "I may not have a family in Toledo, but I got one here."


Temporary Duty

With a temporary transfer of personnel between the 4077th and... More the 8063rd, Captain Roy Dupree replaces Hawkeye, whilst Lorraine Anderson makes eyes at Charles. Fearing this to be permanent, Charles and B.J. successfully conspire to have Dupree permanently removed from the 4077th. Charles (to Hawkeye): "God, I missed you!"


Potter's Retirement

When bad reports are filed at headquarters, Col. Potter contemplates... More retirement.


Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde

Charles takes amphetamines to keep up his energy level, and... More even drugs Radar's mouse, "Daisy", so that it will win a race against a Marine's mouse, "Sluggo".


Major Topper

The doctors have to deal with a short supply of... More morphine and too many patients while klinger has to deal with a corporal who may be crazier than him -- he shoots down imaginary enemies.

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