M*A*S*H: Season 8

M*A*S*H: Season 8

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Emmy-winning black comedy series based on the 1970 film of the same name, set during the Korean War which lasted three years (despite the show running for almost 12 years).

1979Rating: TV-PGUSA20th Century Fox Television

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Too Many Cooks

A clumsy foot soldier, 'Look out below' Conway, finds the... More quickest way to the crew's heart, boosting morale at the 4077th by cooking gourmet delights. Only Colonel Potter, burdened with a personal crisis, is immune from the high spirits enveloping the hospital.


Are You Now, Margaret?

A Congressional aide, Williamson, visits the 4077th on a supposedly... More routine fact-finding tour, but it's discovered that his motives are far deeper - too uncover Margaret as a communist sympathizer. His case is full of innuendo, so the gang set out to help Margaret.


Guerilla My Dreams

The arrival of a wounded Korean woman sparks a conflict... More at the 4077th: Hawkeye wants to heal her, but a steely ROK officer, Lt. Park, is more anxious to "question" her about alleged guerilla activities.


Good-Bye Radar: Part 1

On leave in Tokyo, Radar is desperately needed back at... More the crisis-stricken 4077th, but his return is delayed by outside events. While casualties continue to pour in from the front, the 4077th's generator conks out, and the backup has been stolen, depriving the medical unit of all electrical power. But Klinger, filling in for the vacationing Radar, lacks the expertise and experience to wheel and deal for a new machine.


Good-Bye Radar: Part 2

As company clerk Radar O'Reilly reluctantly prepares to depart the... More 4077th, the unit is still without electricity due to a broken generator, and the operating room continues to fill up with war wounded as night falls. The responsibility for procuring a new generator falls on Klinger, who lacks Radar's masterful knack of cutting through red tape in search of much-needed supplies.


Period of Adjustment

Klinger and BJ both have Radar related woes, causing them... More to go on a drinking binge. A drunken BJ becomes violent with Hawkeye.


Nurse Doctor

A beautiful and ambitious young nurse, Harris, who plans to... More become a doctor when she leaves the Army, finds herself in a misunderstanding with Father Mulcahy. Meanwhile, the camp's water supply is depleted, and the rest of the 4077th is more concerned about where their next shower will come from.


Private Finance

A South Korean Woman misinterprets Klinger's motives when he tries... More to aid her daughter financially. Meanwhile, Hawkeye wrestles with his conscience over a promise made to a dying soldier, Eddie Hastings.


Mr. and Mrs. Who?

Charles returns to the 4077th after a trip to Tokyo... More with an uncharacteristic hangover and the uneasy feeling of a romantic entanglement. Meanwhile, the hospital struggles to find a cure for an outbreak of deadly hemorrhagic fever.


The Yalu Brick Road

Hawkeye and BJ lose their way while rushing urgently needed... More antibiotics to the 4077th, which is wracked with low-mileage Thanksgiving turkey-induced salmonella. Wandering back to M*A*S*H, the pair are found by a peculiar North Korean soldier.


Life Time

Hawkeye and BJ race against the clock to save a... More soldier from paralysis. BJ harvesting an aorta from a dead soldier doesn't sit well with the soldier's friend.


Dear Uncle Abdul

Klinger discovers that his duties as company clerk include catering... More to the eccentric whims of the 4077th officers. Consequently, the unusual demands by Klinger's superiors leave little time to write a letter home to Toledo. Meanwhile, the Doctors are concerned about a young soldier who appears to be mentally deficient.


Captains Outrageous

A brawl at Rosie's Bar puts Rosie in the hospital,... More and the 4077th doctors are pressed into service as temporary saloon-keepers. Meanwhile, Father Mulcahy is apprehensive that his long-pending promotion to captain will again be denied. Potter: "The Pentagon. Weird looking building. Four walls and a spare. Monument to Murphy's Law."


Stars and Stripes

Friction arises between B.J. and Winchester when they are asked... More to write an article for a prestigious medical journal, on how they saved a soldier's life with a daring operation. Meanwhile, Hot Lips receives an eventful visit from Scully, her combat soldier beau.


Yessir, That's Our Baby

A baby born to a Korean woman and an American... More GI is abandoned at the 4077th. Knowing that Amer-Asian children are often mistreated in Korean society, the troop sets about the frustrating task of finding a new home for the infant.


Bottle Fatigue

Horrified by the gigantic size of his monthly bar tab... More at the officer's club, Hawkeye vows to give up booze for a week. Meanwhile, Winchester desperately tries to halt his sister's impending marriage to a man he considers unworthy of the Winchester heritage.


Heal Thyself

Colonel Potter turns crotchety when he catches the mumps, and... More his condition is worsened when Winchester gets the same disease and has to be quarantined with him. A temporary replacement surgeon, Newsome, is quickly brought into the 4077th and seems to be a gem in terms of both personality and ability.


Old Soldiers

Hawkeye is appointed temporary commander of the 4077th when Colonel... More Potter rushes off to Tokyo on a mysterious mission. While in command, Hawkeye's main problem is housing a large group of Korean refugees comprised mainly of rambunctious children who need medical care.


Morale Victory

Tired of their constant complaints about the quality of recreational... More activities at the 4077th, Colonel Potter appoints Hawkeye and B.J. as the new morale officers. Winchester's morale has already reached a new peak: He's ecstatic about his operation on a wounded soldier, Sheridan, which saved the boy's leg, leaving only "negligible" side effects - less use of his right hand. However, the soldier was a concert pianist before the war, so Winchester obtains music written by Maurice Ravel for a pianist that had lost a hand in World War I.


Lend a Hand

Irritated that the 4077th is planning a "surprise" party for... More him, Hawkeye volunteers to go to the aid of a wounded surgeon at the front. An additional irritant to Hawkeye is the arrival of Dr. Borelli, a wisecracking medical advisor with whom he habitually disagrees.


Goodbye, Cruel World

Klinger redecorates his quarters, but the resultant ridicule he receives... More drives him to new heights in his efforts to get out of the Army. Meanwhile, the doctors are perplexed by the reaction of an Asian-American war hero who tries to kill himself when he's told that he will be going home. Sidney Freedman is called in to assist.



The 4077th can't escape the Korean War, even in its... More dreams. Exhausted after two days without sleep, members of the 4077th steal away for catnaps and experience dreams that reveal their fears, yearnings and frustrations.


War Co-Respondent

B.J. finds himself attracted to a famous war correspondent, Aggie... More O'Shea, who has fallen in love with him.


Back Pay

Angered by the way civilian doctors in the States are... More profiting from the war, Hawkeye presents the Army with a bill for his medical services. Meanwhile, Charles reluctantly demonstrates American medical practices to three Korean medics, and is on the receiving end of their medical expertise.


April Fools

A no-nonsense Colonel, who is notorious as a hard-nosed disciplinarian,... More visits the 4077th during an outbreak of April Fools' Day pranksterism. Colonel Potter tries in vain to halt the mayhem before Colonel Tucker arrives in camp.

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