M*A*S*H: Season 9

M*A*S*H: Season 9

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Emmy-winning black comedy series based on the 1970 film of the same name, set during the Korean War which lasted three years (despite the show running for almost 12 years).

1980Rating: TV-PGUSA20th Century Fox Television

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The Best of Enemies

On his way to some R&R in Tokyo, a North... More Korean soldier forces Hawkeye to perform an emergency roadside operation on his buddy.



Members of the 4077th share their impressions of war in... More response to letters from fourth graders in Hawkeye's hometown. Margaret writes about how there are some patients she will never forget, whilst the Colonel tells of his days as 'Hoops' Potter. Hawkeye: "Dear Ronnie, it's a shame to let the love you have for your brother turn to hate for others. Hate makes war, and war is what killed Keith. I understand how you feel. Sometimes I hate myself for being here. But sometimes in the midst of all this insanity, the smallest thing can make my being here seems worthwhile. Maybe the best answer I have for you is that you look for good wherever you can find it."


Cementing Relationships

A jilted Italian soldier, Corpsman Ignazio De Simone, is smitten... More by Margaret; Klinger pours a cement floor in the operating room to fight the spread of germs.


Father's Day

Margaret has trouble pretending she's a chip off the old... More block when her dad, blood and guts "Howitzer" Al Houlihan, arrives for a visit. Also, Hawkeye fixes up a soldier who repays them with a large side of steak, but the general who it belongs to is really steamed.


Death Takes a Holiday

Hawkeye, B.J., and Margaret try to save the life of... More a critically injured solider so that his family won't think of Christmas as the day that their father died. Meanwhile, Winchester fulfills a family Christmas tradition but has trouble maintaining the anonymity required to keep it a truly charitable act. Even Klinger lends a hand.


A War for All Seasons

On New Year's Eve, the staff looks back on the... More highlights of 1951: The doctors invent an artificial kidney machine; Mulcahy plants a garden; Margaret takes up knitting; and Klinger and Winchester bet on which baseball team will win the pennant.


Your Retention Please

Klinger is so depressed by news that his ex-wife plans... More to remarry, he reenlists for an additional six-year hitch. Meanwhile, a male nurse has a gripe against the army.


Tell It to the Marines

Winchester takes command during Potter's absence; and B.J. and Hawkeye... More try to convince the Marines to grant a hardship discharge to an immigrant soldier, Private Jost Van Liter.


Taking the Fifth

Hawkeye uses a bottle of vintage wine to lure unsuspecting... More nurses into his den; and Potter tries to secure a different sort of anesthetic when the army threatens to ban a painkiller.


Operation Friendship

Klinger saves Winchester's life when an explosion rocks the operating... More room; and B.J. is reluctant to reveal the extent of his injuries after the blast.


No Sweat

Margaret develops a case of prickly heat, Charles does his... More tax returns, and Klinger takes the P.A. apart - just some of the events, which occur during another unendurably, hot night at the 4077th.


Depressing News

Klinger's army newspaper reports on Hawkeye's monument to military stupidity;... More a giant tower made from a half million erroneously shipped tongue depressors.


No Laughing Matter

Hawkeye wagers that he can go a full day without... More a wisecrack, and Winchester finally confronts the major who exiled him to the 4077th. Charles: "I will not, even for a return to that pearl of the Orient, Tokyo, lie to protect you while destroying a friend's career."


Oh, How We Danced

Winchester is sent to inspect sanitary conditions on the frontlines,... More while the rest of the camp plans a surprise anniversary party for B.J.


Bottoms Up

One of Margaret's nurses tries to hide her severe drinking... More problem, and Hawkeye is scorned after a practical joke he plays on Winchester backfires.


The Red/White Blues

Colonel Potter nearly blows his stack when his well-intentioned colleagues... More mollycoddle him in order to lower his blood pressure.


Bless You, Hawkeye

When Hawkeye can't stop a sneezing fit that has no... More apparent cause, psychiatrist Sidney Freedman digs into the surgeon's past for a clue to this unusual malady.


Blood Brothers

Hawkeye is overcome by the devotion of a terminally ill... More G.I., who has leukemia, for his critically wounded buddy, but he has trouble coming to terms with the fact that he can't cure the man. Meanwhile, Father Mulcahy is worried about the impending visit of a Cardinal.


The Foresight Saga

The 4077th is given a gift of fresh-grown vegetables by... More a grateful Korean; and Potter questions the veracity of an upbeat letter from Radar.


The Life You Save

After Charles is nearly felled by a sniper's bullet, he... More develops a philosophical obsession with death. Meanwhile, the officers have all been assigned new responsibilities.

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