Outrageous Fortune: Season 2

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In this classic New Zealand comedy-drama series, a family full of career criminals try to play it straight and abide... More

Where to watch Outrageous Fortune: Season 2

Outrageous Fortune: Season 2 is available to stream in New... More Zealand now on TVNZ+.

Outrageous Fortune: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

Thy Name Is Woman

The West family is attacked on all fronts by an... More evil malevolent force.

Episode 2.2

Think Yourself A Baby

Van\'s sperm becomes the stuff of legend and Munter takes... More the piss; Hoochie Mama turns it all the way up to 11; and Pascalle gets herself a bloke.

Episode 2.3

The Secrets Of My Prison House

Wolf feels violated; Pascalle�s new boyfriend has the hots for... More an entirely different member of the family; and Loretta and Grandpa repair a few fences and crack a safe.

Episode 2.4

This Two-Fold Force

Loretta fights a double-headed parental monster; tries to flout family... More tradition and may be batting for the other team; and Van and Munter are the Cray Brothers.


Shall We To The Court?

Jethro puts himself on the stand as Van becomes Sparky�s... More private fantasy; a Hoochie Mama fantasy gets a man literally crotchless; and Pascalle fantasises about Hayden�s marital intentions.


The Affliction Of His Love

Three women are prisoners of love � and two men... More are knights in shining armour.


All That Fortune, Death And Danger Dare

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing: Cheryl gets... More wind of the Big Job, and her attempts to save Van from Wolf and peril have big consequences; and Pascalle decides to share the love and takes up a temporary career in nursing.


The Steep And Thorny Way To Heaven

Wolf goes to work; Van goes to the rescue and... More Cheryl goes to purgatory.


To Be, Or Not To Be

Wolf�s disappearance gives everyone a chop to chew on; Cheryl... More doubts her future with Judd; Pascalle goes bush; and Van fears the wrath of Tyson.


The Indifferent Children Of The Earth

Cheryl audits her life and Loretta finds she has trusted... More her education to a worthy opponent.


Get Thee To Bed

There are all manner of bedfellows � some more unlikely... More than others.


By A Brother's Hand

Van tries to buy a dream home and Pascalle finds... More her dream job. Meanwhile Munter's middle name is Iago; Judd feels like Judas; and Jethro does a Hamlet.


An Old Man Is Twice A Child

Grandpa�s safe cracking attempts nearly bring down the house, and... More also raise a ghost; and Loretta gets the awful truth about a very important question.


Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Sons

If you accidentally sleep with your half-brother, can that be... More counted as incest?


Oh God!

When the least likely person finds salvation, Cheryl stands to... More lose; and Pascalle decides she needs to be born again.


Now Cracks A Noble Heart

Cheryl is happy at last, but hasn�t reckoned on a... More lone Wolf with big plans.


Wherein Our Saviour’s Birth is Celebrated