Outrageous Fortune: Season 4

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In this classic New Zealand comedy-drama series, a family full of career criminals try to play it straight and abide... More

Where to watch Outrageous Fortune: Season 4

Outrageous Fortune: Season 4 is available to stream in New... More Zealand now on TVNZ+.

Outrageous Fortune: Season 4 episodes

Episode 4.1

Thinking Makes it So

Pascalle returns to find Cheryl in a state of siege:... More caring for baby no-name and coping with raiding cops and Plunket, and also guarding a prisoner. Loretta is once again under house arrest to stop her from adopting her baby to the Colquhouns in Herne Bay. And Pascalle has amazing news. She’s back with Milt, the owner of the Sunset Channel – and they’re . . . married!

Episode 4.2

The Edge Of Husbandry

Wolf is suspicious of Pascalle's new husband, Milt, but doesn't... More have long to be act on his hunch; Van continues to miss Aurora while Cheryl and Wolf's divorce starts to get messy.

Episode 4.3

As Much Containing

A mysterious container belonging to Wolf arrives on Cheryl's doorstep;... More Judd investigates before Van and Munter destroy the contents; Pascalle organises a memorial for Milt.

Episode 4.4

Revenged Most Thoroughly

Grandpa Ted and Loretta browse old West family home movies;... More Loretta so she can see Ted's old crime gang and Grandpa so he can find the man Rita cheated with. Cheryl lectures the family about their efforts at staying crime free and realises that she needs to "go straight" for her own peace of mind. Wolf and Sheree take out a mortgage together. Judd finds a new suspect for Ted to focus on, but Loretta discovers the truth.


Remorseless, Treacherous, Lecherous

Loretta continues to meet with Vern, hoping to use his... More council contacts to her own advantage. Van and Munter are recruited against their will to do the renovations on Wolf's new home. Loretta wages war on Wolf when he attempts to take back the money she owes him, however has she gone too far?


A good child and a true gentleman

Times are tough for the Wests. Loretta is still suffering... More after the petshop incident while Cheryl is laid up after hurting her back, leaving Pascalle caring for baby Jane. Sensing opportunity, Wolf starts to weasel his way back into Cheryl's good books, much to Sheree's anger. Wolf also attempts to make Loretta see that she has a problem and needs to make amends however when this fails, he throws her out of the house. Wolf and Judd compete to be the better man, however a disaster of Sherre's making captures Wolf's attention once again.


What is a Man

Van and Munter find their turf is under threat, as... More Grandpa has to save Judd from critical sperm build up.


Guilty Creatures

Cheryl’s dodgy dealings come back to haunt her, and no... More one is safe from the most powerful force in the land.


Most Foul, Strange and Unnatural

Wolf suspects a foul plot afoot, as Van and Munter... More both get rude awakenings.


The King, The King's to Blame

Cheryl blames Wolf for his lies, but discovers instead a... More terrible truth, and all in all, a hell of a lot of stuff happens on Kasey’s birthday.


Most Valiant

Cheryl takes on Sheree, but hasn’t reckoned on a guardian... More angel. And Van is jealous as Munter takes inspiration from his new mentor.


Let them throw millions

When Pascalle is blessed, Loretta feels cursed. And Van has... More to do some very important remembering of roots past.


Your chaste treasure

Grandpa seeks a missing jewel, but Loretta fears he’s in... More danger from a femme fatale. As Kasey’s fatal flaw riles Cheryl.


Rest her soul

Jesus wants Baby Jane, but Cheryl isn’t so sure, as... More Judd sets out to save Kasey from the Bahama Triangle.


Affection! Pooh!

When Judd stands accused, Cheryl fights dirty. And Pascalle finds... More inspiration in a parallel universe.


A sister driven into desperate terms

Loretta wants to save the world, but is she the... More girl who cried wolf?


Dangerous conjectures

Some mysterious happenings and rude surprises mean Cheryl, Van, Pascalle... More and Grandpa all get to count the cost of love.


Who comes here ?

It’s the day of Grandpa’s wedding and everyone is in... More for a surprise or two. Judd is surprised that Cheryl has over-ruled Ngaire’s instructions and allowed Loretta to come to the wedding. Loretta finds that Hayden has been invited. And Cheryl discovers Van and Sheree in bed together. Judd also finds Munter getting Grandpa stoned before his wedding. All in all, it will be a good do . .