The best movies and shows coming to Netflix in April

Check out Claire White’s highlights of what’s coming to Netflix New Zealand soon, followed by the full release schedule.

Top Picks: TV

BEEF (April 6)

If there’s going to be one show you watch this month, make it this one. The first television series to come from A24, Steven Yeun and Ali Wong star as two people who let a little bit of road rage dominate their lives in a prolonged and intense revenge stand-off, impacting their lives in wild and unexpected ways. A dark comedy with a surprising underlying empathy, this biting series led by two powerhouses is the show we never knew we needed but will be so glad to have.

The Diplomat (April 20)

In Keri Russell we trust! In this new political drama, the star from KGB spy-drama The Americans is Kate Wyler, a US diplomat who receives a high-profile promotion as ambassador to the UK amid an international crisis. Created by Debora Cahn, who wrote many of my favourite episodes of The West Wing, this series will explore the tumultuousness of politics and marriage. But it won’t be stodgy—emphasis will be placed on the imperfectness of human behaviour, in a series that combines Veep by way of Homeland.

Sweet Tooth: Season 2 (April 27)

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, a viral pandemic (#notcovid) has wiped out most of the world, but in its wake, given birth of hybrid babies (half human-half animal). Season one, which aired back in 2021, introduced us to Gus (Christian Convery), a sweet (no pun intended) half-deer hybrid boy, who sets off across a perilous landscape full of hunters and bad men to find a safe haven for other hybrid kids like him. Now the long-awaited season two ups the stakes, with Gus and fellow hybrids held captive by the evil Last Men. What will be their fate?

Top Picks: Movies + Specials

Hunger (April 8)

As recent titles such as The Menu and The Bear have taught us, the world of food and fine dining is cutthroat. In this new kitchen-thriller, Aoy (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying), a young woman who runs her family’s noodle business, receives an invitation to train under one of the most infamous and ruthless chefs. A Netflix original out of Thailand, Aoy discovers the dark side of the industry, and is pushed to the limit as the kitchen strives for perfection to satisfy a hunger that can never be satiated.

Longest Third Date (April 18)

In early 2020 Matt and Khani matched on Hinge and were hitting it off so well that for their third date, they spontaneously decided to fly to Costa Rica. Unluckily for them, this was March 2020, and as the world shut down, they got stranded in paradise. Stuck together in lockdown when you’ve only had three dates is quite the situationship, but now Matt and Khani are finally ready to tell the tale in this new documentary that gives off Love is Blind vibes. Was it the start of something beautiful? Or yet another 2020 disaster?

John Mulaney: Baby J (April 25)

It has been a while since comedian John Mulaney captured our hearts and the pain in our sides from laughter in his last comedy special, Kid Gorgeous. Reaching multi-meme status with bits such as “There’s a horse in the hospital!” and “Street smarts!” his specials became a light-hearted comfort, especially in lockdowns. A lot has happened during his time away, including a highly publicised rehab stay, a divorce, and becoming a father. Featuring music from David Byrne (who also appeared in Mulaney’s kid’s special The Sack Lunch Bunch), it’s a shame he already used Comeback Kid as the title for his 2015 special, because Baby J is sure to be an intriguing return.

All titles arriving on Netflix New Zealand in April

April 1

Grown Ups
50 First Dates
This Is 40
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

April 2
War Sailor: Limited Series

April 4
The Signing
My Name is Mo’Nique

April 5
Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now

April 6

April 7
Thicker Than Water
Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign
Oh Belinda

April 8

April 10
CoComelon: Season 8

April 11
Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman

April 12
Smother-in-Law: Season 2
Operation: Nation
Celeste Barber: Fine, Thanks
American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

April 13
Florida Man
The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib: Season 2

April 14
Queens on the Run
Seven Kings Must Die

April 15
Doctor Cha
Paper Planes
Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Season 13
Made in Chelsea: Season 19

April 16
The Nutty Boy: Part 2

April 17
Oggy Oggy: Season 2

April 18
How to Get Rich
Longest Third Date

April 19
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always
Chimp Empire

April 20
The Diplomat: Season 1
Tooth Pari: When Love Bites

April 21
Rough Diamonds
Indian Matchmaking: Season 3
One More Time
A Tourist’s Guide to Love

April 22
Ada Twist, Scientist: Season 4

April 24
Miriam Margolyes: Almost Australian: Season 1

April 25
John Mulaney: Baby J

April 26
Workin’ Moms: Season 7
Love After Music
The Good Bad Mother
Kiss, Kiss!

April 27
The Nurse
Firefly Lane: Season 2 Part 2
Sweet Tooth: Season 2
The Matchmaker
Sharkdog: Season 3

April 28
King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch
Terra Nill (Game)

Coming Soon
Ex-Addicts Club
Welcome to Eden: Season 2