Christopher Nolan’s Greatest Films, Ranked By Kiwis

With Dunkirk ruling the Box Office skies, we thought it best to ask the people of New Zealand what their favourite Christopher Nolan film was. We’ll tell you now: #1 is not going to surprise you at all. However, the order of the list might.

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8. The Dark Knight Rises

“Hard to end a trilogy with this level of quality throughout.” -Michael S.

7. Batman Begins

“This is the movie that brought Batman back from the brink. Nolan obviously understands the material and it meshes action and character study of what makes Batman Batman.” Kezza D.

6. Insomnia

“I have insomnia, so I totally related to this topical film with topnotch actors.” -Rosemary C.

5. The Prestige

“David Bowie as Nikolai Tesla. Genius.” -Martin M.

4. Interstellar

“Well researched, cutting edge technology, captivating story.” -Zoe

3. Memento

“Underrated and incredibly clever.” -Ian T.

2. Inception

“Such intricate cinematography! And a great story line. The best films are the ones that leave you thinking about them for weeks.” -Amy

1. The Dark Knight

“It’s with The Dark Knight that Nolan went from Great to Legendary. From there he just keeps proving it.” -Tyler