New family films and kids shows now streaming

Get familiar with the best new whānau-friendly films and shows new to Aotearoa streaming services, updated every fortnight.


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  • Disney+

Rated PG. Baymax, the inflatable robot programmed to make our lives easier, gets his own series in this spinoff of Oscar-winning film Big Hero 6.

The Bad Guys

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Rated PG for violence. This DreamWorks animated heist film centres on a rag-tag group of misfit animals. Donned with the heralded Flicks Recommends laurels, we said this about the film: “With a wickedly absurd sense of humour, superb animated performances, eye-popping action sequences, and a clear love for the cops-n-robbers genre, this film’s a gem worth stealing.”

Samurai Jack

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  • TVNZ+

Rated G. The first season of Genndy Tartakovsky’s iconic animated series, a sci-fi adventure that sees a traditional samurai navigate the world of the distant future, is now streaming on TVNZ+.

Trevor: The Musical

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  • Disney+

Rated M. This off-Broadway musical, based on the Oscar-winning short film Trevor, follows a quirky 13-year-old who embarks on a turbulent journey of self-discovery after an embarrassing incident at school.

Sharkdog: Season 2

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  • Netflix

Rated G. Half shark, half dog, all appetite. Yep, it’s sharkdog. This adorable pupper piranha and his ten-year-old buddy return for more misadventures.