Disney+ is offering new subscribers a super cheap first month

Until Monday November 15, Disney+ is running a special for new subscribers (and eligible returning subscribers).

Disney+ stands out for a bunch of reasons. It’s the only service to feature Marvel’s globe-conquering content! Plus Star Wars, Simpsons, Muppets and more! It’s also one of the more expensive services, typically costing subscribers $11.99 per month.

Not this month, though. New subscribers keen to try out Disney+ should sign up in the next week to pay only $1.99 for their first month, all part of the platform’s special Disney+ Day offerings.

The introductory offer begins today, giving new subscribers (and eligible returning subscribers) from November 8 to 15 to sign up. After paying the measly fee of $1.99 for your first month, you can settle in and enjoy the festivities of Disney+ Day on November 12.

It’s going to be a big one: Shang-Chi and Jungle Cruise released onto the platform’s general library, Olaf and Luca specials, a new Home Alone holiday hit, and more. If that special event doesn’t convince you to take advantage of this week’s offer, try out the video below—or our list of the month’s most recommended releases.

You can sign up right here to try Disney+ for one month at a pretty nifty discounted cost. As the service doesn’t offer any free trials, this week’s special is the best deal Kiwi subscribers are likely to get. If you’ve tried Disney+ in the past but want to give it another go, the offer is available to select returning subscribers: use the link to see if you’re eligible.

From Monday November 8 to Monday November 15, Disney+ is running a special: new subscribers (and eligible returning subscribers) can pay just $1.99 for the first month. Sign up here.