Terrifying cult horror Midsommar a late confirmation to NZIFF

Midsommar, Ari Aster’s follow-up to our favourite film of last year Hereditary, has been added as a late confirmation to this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival. The film stars Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth) as a reluctant young woman who joins her boyfriend in a mysterious summer retreat camp and… um… let’s just say things don’t go quite right.

Read NZIFF’s press release below.

We’re thrilled – and frankly a little terrified – to announce director Ari Aster’s buzzworthy follow-up to Hereditary as a late addition to our programme. The story of an American couple whose festive encounter with Swedish pagan cultists slowly but surely descends into madness, Midsommar by all accounts raises the high bar set by Aster’s masterful debut feature, widely considered “the scariest movie of 2018” and an instant horror classic.

“For his second feature… writer-director [Aster] has conjured up an even madder and more ambitious nightmare, set in the remote wilds of northern Sweden and featuring ingredients not usually found in scary movies. The skies are blue. The sun is out. And everywhere are angelic-looking characters, adorned with flowers and dancing merrily. It’s the polar opposite of that bleak, cramped house in Hereditary, yet Aster makes the experience every bit as unsettling, orchestrating the descent from paradise to, well, something else with clinical precision. It’s a virtuoso, bone-shaking, head-spinning [film]… that demands to be seen on the big screen.” — Nick De Semlyen, Empire

Tickets are on sale now online and in-person from the NZIFF box office.