The Matrix Resurrections trailer has broken the internet: here’s the best reactions

Soundtracked to Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit, the first thrilling full trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has just dropped—and it’s so very hype-inducing, you might need to pop a blue pill just to calm down.

You’ve got questions, and internet commenters have been spewing out opinions ever since the trailer premiered. So here’s a guide to what fans are saying, and what we might expect from the fourth mystical, binary-breaking Matrix movie.

1. So…does it look good?

Speaking generally, commenters that jumped to watch this first trailer had overwhelmingly positive reactions. Maybe retaining Keanu’s beloved long locks from John Wick just keeps the internet happy.

Of course there are outliers who worry that Matrix 4 could be another mere meta-textual cash-in. And there’s been some gripes about missing cast members—more on that below.

2. It’s not very ‘Matrix Green’, is it?

When you try to mentally envisage the Wachowski sisters’ existing Matrix films, a certain colour palette probably washes into your memory: a distinctly millennium-era, digital shade of green, with slick black leather accents for contrast. Fans are surprised and excited that The Matrix Resurrections has gone with a brighter, less monochrome aesthetic, bringing in a bold new primary look.

3. Where are Morpheus and Agent Smith?

We loved seeing Neo and Trinity once again—even if they seemingly remember nothing about each other—but Laurence Fishburne’s mentor Morpheus and the evil Agent Smith, played so slimily by Hugo Weaving, are nowhere to be seen in the film’s official cast.

However. Watchmen and Candyman star Yahya Abdul-Mateen shows up a lot in The Matrix Resurrections first trailer; borrowing Fishburne’s signature tiny glasses and also basically confirming on his Instagram that he’s playing some rejuvenated version of the character.

Yahya looks terrific, but we all know who shoulda been cast as Morpheus :/

4. Who are all these new people?

Early conversation around The Matrix Resurrections has already resulted in some juicy fan theories. Could the fourth movie’s original characters be reincarnated/reprogrammed versions of Trinity, Neo, Agent Smith? Both Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathon Groff appear as sinister, talky suits, giving strong Agent Smith vibes…

British Love and Monsters star Jessica Henwick might inherit Carrie-Anne Moss’s character of Trinity, plonking an action queen crown on that blue head…

…and Priyanka Chopra shows up rocking a pair of square-rimmed glasses that strongly reminded commenters of the first film’s serene Oracle.

5. Is that…Keanu with a rubber ducky on his head?

Yeah. Maybe all it takes to break the internet and face the modern world through the subversive lens of The Matrix, is a universally beloved star balancing a plastic duck on his head. But how will The Matrix Resurrections adapt to 2021’s even more complex, insidious symbiosis of man and tech?

The answer is: with style. Uploaded to cinemas here on January 1, 2022, The Matrix Resurrections now has an even huger mountain of hype to overcome, but we’ve got faith that Lana Wachowski, directing solo for the first time, will kill it.