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The unscripted comic vision of comic Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld. In Season 1 we meet his wife, Cheryl (Cheryl Hines),... More

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1 is available to stream in... More New Zealand now on Neon.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

The Pants Tent

An innocent bunch-up in Larry's trousers gives rise to an... More embarrassing situation.

Episode 1.2

Ted and Mary

Larry and Cheryl's fun-filled bowling date with Ted Danson and... More Mary Steenburgen ends with Larry's shoes missing.

Episode 1.3

Porno Gil

Larry sets off a bizarre chain of events (as he... More always seems to do) in which he is forced to attend a party at the home of a porno businessman.

Episode 1.4

The Bracelet

Larry is continually thwarted in his effort to buy a... More bracelet as a peacemaking gift for Cheryl.


Interior Decorator

Larry has some medical problems involving a certain bracelet. No... More biggy. Then larger problems arise when Larry finds out he shares the same interior decorator as Diane Keaton.


The Wire

Hoping to bury an unsightly telephone wire dangling over their... More yard, Larry and Cheryl befriend a pair of bizarre neighbors who must approve the burial. The husband is an incompetent lawyer but a big Seinfeld fan, so to appease him Larry arranges to have Julia Louis-Dreyfuss come for a visit. But when the actress arrives, the lawyer is missing; he's been hired to defend Jeff in a case involving a destructive kid Jeff sponsored for a Fresh Air Fund camp. At Larry's house, Julia ends up buying a bracelet from the lawyer's wife -- the same kind Larry wanted in episode 4 -- only to later accuse Larry of stealing it after he buys a similar one for Cheryl.



Jeff gets a new car, and when Larry takes it... More for a spin, a commercial comes on the radio for AAMCO, with a noise sounding much like a car horn from behind. Upon hearing this, Larry curses the man behind him, prompting the man to rear-end Jeff's brand new car. Also, Larry and Cheryl hold a dinner party.


Beloved Aunt

When Cheryl's aunt dies, Larry is left in charge of... More the obituary. But when the newspaper accidentally places ""beloved c*nt"" instead of beloved aunt, things take an expected turn for the worse.


Affirmative Action

Larry gets himself in trouble, when he makes a racist-like... More comment to Richard's friend. Also, Larry inadvertently loses Cheryl's prescription note.


The Group

Larry runs into his old girlfriend, and she asks him... More to escort her to an incest-survivors meeting. Cheryl is asked to co-star in ""The Vagina Monologues"" when one of the actresses is sick.

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