New film details the competitive advantage of plant-based diets

UFC star James Wilks shares his story of recovery in The Game Changers, a new film from the Oscar-winning director of The Cove. When an injury put him out of commission, Wilks conducted nutritional research that would help him heal. What he found flipped his way of thinking.

The Game Changers looks to debunk myths surrounding plant-based diets and sporting performance by talking to Wilks and other mega-athletes who gained a significant competitive advantage after making the switch to veganism.

The documentary’s backed by several leading experts, scientific research, and breakdowns of marketing campaigns that have led to years of misinformation.

A bunch of high-profile names are attached to the film including screen juggernaut James Cameron, martial arts master Jackie Chan, racing legend Lewis Hamilton and tennis great Novak Djokovic, and the almighty Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Having played at Sundance last year, The Hollywood Reporter summed the film up as “a thorough and well-assembled piece of dietary evangelism.”

The Game Changers isn’t here to preach to the wellness-culture choir,” Variety reckoned. “It sets out to convince the most stereotypically red-blooded carnivores that veganism is not just healthy and environmentally friendly, but actively macho, with a predominantly male ensemble of athletes and hardmen lined up to assert that it’s not just easy being green, but tough too.”

The Game Changers opens in Aotearoa 16 September. Tickets are now available. Find times and locations via the link below.