Where can I watch every Spider-Man movie in New Zealand?

There are too many Spider-Mans!! That was even a plot point in two of the most recent Spidey stories, Into The Spider-Verse and No Way Home.

If you dare to take on an almighty binge of every cinematic outing to feature Stan Lee’s classic web-slinging superhero, it’s a rocky and inconsistent road, my friend. The Marvel and Sony Spider-Man films are available on Netflix, Disney+, TVNZ+, and Neon Rentals…just not all in the same place.

Spidey’s time on the big screen began with Sam Raimi’s wonderfully sincere trilogy starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. The first two films, 2002’s Spider-Man and its GOAT sequel, are available to stream on Disney+ and TVNZ+, and can be rented or bought on Neon Rentals. Spider-Man 3 is only to be found on Disney+ and Neon Rentals, strangely.

Only a few years after the critical failure of Spider-Man 3, Andrew Garfield turned Peter Parker a tad moodier in The Amazing Spider-Man and lame sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Both films are available to stream on Netflix and for purchase on Neon Rentals. If you’re into that kind of thing.

As the MCU gradually become the apex predator of superhero cinema, Tom Holland’s even more youthful take on the character won audiences over in his first solo movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. Followed up by Far From Home and No Way Home, these most recent live-action Spidey flicks call Netflix and Neon Rentals their home.

Homecoming and Far From Home are currently available to stream, or rent and buy on demand. No Way Home is only available via Neon Rentals for now, but should find a streaming home soon.

Finally we have Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, which can be seen on Netflix and Neon Rentals once again. It’s an animated triumph that we’d recommend to anyone—even, nay, especially those of us who are sick to death of the friendly neighbourhood bugman. Once you’ve completed your Spider-Marathon and hopped back and forth between countless streaming platforms, you might have some appreciation for the hero’s hectic schedule. With great streaming subscriptions comes great responsibility.