Best new movies and TV series on Amazon Prime Video NZ: January 2024

Each month, new films and TV shows are added to Amazon Prime Video’s New Zealand library. Eliza Janssen presents her picks for titles worth watching. For the full list of everything arriving on the platform, scroll down.

Top picks

Joy Ride (January 1)

If you missed this raunchy rom-com while it was in cinemas, Cat Woods’ review is plenty of reason to check it out, now that it’ll be streaming on Amazon. Our critic ate up director Adele Lim’s tale of Asian-American buddies trying to find their roots…but getting caught up in a drug-addled, K-Pop singing, dude-stalking adventure instead. “Lim fearlessly treads into deep water when she creates characters and storylines”, Woods praised, “equally drawing upon the clichéd depictions of Asian Americans (the restaurant owner, the martial artist, the hyper-judgemental mother, the working-class Chinese girl who must prove her worth in a white world through beauty and intellect).” Clever, convention-busting comedy.

Hazbin Hotel: Season 1 (January 19)

A24 and Amazon have wisely jumped on board to bring this quirky animated project to streaming life, after its indie-made pilot gained a massive fanbase on YouTube, Tumblr and Patreon. It’s an irreverent, song-filled, and attention-grabbing journey into the underworld, where a princess of Hell hopes to rehabilitate demons and sneak ‘em into Heaven. If there aren’t enough sweary, visually-exhausting adult animated comedies out there for your liking, make this one to add to your watchlist.

Expats: Season 1 (January 26)

The Farewell director Lulu Wang helms this mosaic of Hong Kong-set migrant drama, starring Nicole Kidman (who is extremely booked and blessed with TV roles this year!). The series courted controversy way back when it was filmed in 2021, its release perhaps signifying that any perceived insensitivity around the project has now died down enough for us to get a look. Anyhow, a new project from the talented and sensitive Wang is cause for celebration, even without Our Nicole in a leading role.

All titles arriving on Prime Video New Zealand in January

January 1

Invaders From Mars
Joy Ride
The Long Riders
Marry My Husband
Mystic Pizza
Once Bitten
West Side Story
Wicker Park

January 2

Bank of Dave

January 4


January 5

James May: Our Man In India

January 6

Jelly Fam at Cold Hearts
YNG Dreamerz at Blue Checks

January 12

Jesus Revolution
Role Play

January 13

Jelly Fam at YNG Dreamerz

January 18

Drag Den with Manila Luzon

January 19

Dance Life: Season 1
A Father’s Love
Hazbin Hotel: Season 1
Indian Police Force: Season 1
LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland: Season 1

January 20

Blue Checks at Rolling Loud
YNG Dreamerz at Diamond Doves

January 23

Sound of Freedom

January 26

Expats: Season 1
Resident Evil: Death Island
The Underdoggs

January 27

Blue Checks at Cold Hearts

January 30

Jelly Fam at Rolling Loud