Neon and Lightbox are becoming one: here’s what we know so far

Neon and Lightbox are merging to form the single biggest streaming service that’s 100% New Zealand-owned. What does that mean for current customers or anyone curious? We break it down.

So is this new service going to be called Neonbox?

Nope. It’s still Neon. But a buffer, bulkier Neon. One that combines its current library of films and shows with Lightbox‘s library. That means you can catch up with The Handmaid’s Tale and get your Westworld fix all on the one service.

The merger also means the new Neon will get a more robust interface derived from the best systems and services of both platforms. This includes the ability to download content and watch them wherever and whenever you want in Aotearoa.

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When’s the new Neon launching?

7 July.

I’m already subscribed to Neon. Are they raising their monthly fee?

Nope. It’s still $13.95 per month.

Does that price include me, a Lightbox subscriber?


And me, a person who’s on neither but wants to board the new Neon train?


I was able to rent new movies through Lightbox. Will Neon be doing this, too?

You betcha.

Do they need me (i.e. a Neon or Lightbox subscriber) to do anything before the switch?

Not yet, but when they do, they’ll send their customers an email regarding all the technical stuff like Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. There will also be some basic instructions about downloading the new Neon app / refreshing your current Neon app for your device.

I got Lightbox through Spark. Are Spark going to contact me about the switch as well?

Yep. They’ll guide you through the changeover closer to the time.

I have some frequently asked questions to ask.

Then you’ll probably want to head straight to the Frequently Asked Questions page. For infrequently asked questions, head on over to Neon’s official Facebook page.